Risk Profiler

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For the financial goal(s) addressed today, how long can you stay invested?


What kind of instruments have you invested in before or are currently invested in? (you may select more than one)

Step 3

Which of the following do you think best describes your investment knowledge or experience?

Step 4

Which of the following best describes your employment/income status?

Step 5

Higher returns generally mean taking on greater risks. The following represents the average potential loss of 5 hypothetical investments. Amongst these conditions scenarios, which one is most acceptable to you? The purpose of this question is to determine the amount of risk you generally are comfortable with and willing to accept. Important Note: these figures are averages and hypothetical and they do not represent the actual/future performance of any particular investment. For any of the following options, you recognize that in abnormal or unexpected market conditions, you may lose a significant part or all of your capital.